Aldeas Infantiles SOS Ecuador · Contrato temporalAldeas Infantiles SOS Ecuador · Contrato temporal
nov. 2019 – mar. 2020 · 5 mesesnov. 2019 – mar. 2020 · 5 meses
Short-term project to lead a highly qualified team of 60 professionals performing different fundraising strategies focused in institutions, individual and corporate Donors.
• I provide the necessary vision, leadership, and fundraising skills which enabled the organization to achieve its fundraising targets.
• I provide the team with substantial fundraising and management experience.
• Training the teams with a methodology to develop the talent for building relationships and connecting with people.
• Strategies to increase the number of individual donors
• Fidelity strategies and actions for caring for the donors.
• Developing Digital Marketing positioning strategies
• Annual fundraising planning for 2020
• Identify new potential income streams and produce strategies to access these funds
• Financial Planning and Budget Management
• Ensure the Fundraising Department is kept within budget
• Lead on the development of new funding streams
• Support the communications Area in order to develop campaign initiatives
• Monitoring the development of Fidelity strategies and customer experience
• MOTIVATIONAL TRAINING: Motivational training, personal development, Neuro-Sells, PNL, Art Therapy, Emotional connection.