UNICEF · Jornada completaUNICEF · Jornada completa
sept. 2017 – nov. 2019 · 2 años 3 meses
I coordinate the National individual fundraising Team for individual donors and corporative alliances.
• I provided the necessary vision, leadership, and fundraising skills which enabled the fundraising teams to achieve their targets in order to meet the organization’s goals.
• I provided the team with substantial fundraising and management experience.
• Motivational Training for all the teams around the country about personal development, Neuro-Sells, PNL, Art Therapy, and Emotional connection with donors.
• Led the F2F Fundraising strategies for individual and corporative donors.
• We inspire people to become regular UNICEF DONORS, by effectively managing the team’s performance, providing them with ongoing onsite training coaching, motivation, expertise in F2F fundraising techniques, objections handling, codes of conduct, and day-to-day operations.
• Budgeting, Anual Planning, and business plan development
• Reporting to the UNICEF fundraising office.
• Develop and set into action creative fundraising strategies to carefully place them into action in order to get the best monthly results.
• Customer Experience
• Holding Digital marketing Positioning Strategies