Art therapy


Art Therapy is a powerful therapeutic process that uses artistic creation as a means to deepen self-knowledge, personal development and provides integral well-being.

Why should you do art therapy sessions?

The goal of an Art Therapy session is not merely the aesthetic result of a final work of art, but rather the goal is the healing, expression, and resolution of emotional conflicts of the person through the creative process, developing in the process also: self-esteem, concentration, creativity, positivism, goal achievement, respect, love towards oneself and towards others.

Since I was a child I was very involved in the process of artistic creation, and I recognized that this was my way of connecting with myself, to communicate more effectively with the world around me.

I understood that when I didn’t find the words or just didn’t want to do it with words, my expression and exploration through art, allowed me to release blocked feelings.

In my 15+ years of experience supporting personal development through art therapy with people of all ages, I have been able to observe how they all benefited from these processes of creative development, where they were able to resolve the inner and outer conflicts they had issues with. The wonderful thing about this creative process is that you learn to obtain sustainable solutions over time and results by your own decisions, without creating dependency on the therapy or the therapist.


By allowing me to accompany and guide you in the Art Therapy sessions, we integrate all your parts of yourself as a Human Being, (body, mind, spirit, emotions) learning the necessary tools to discover your own talents, resources and qualities so that you can focus them towards the achievement of your goals, developing your potential and improving the quality of your life.

Face-to-face: For the face-to-face sessions you must reserve your space and come to my Art therapy consultation where we have all the appropriate material for your therapeutic-creative process. In the case of people who have little mobility, and are at home, in a hospital, or have a disability, I can go directly to their homes or wherever they are and install the appropriate creative space for the Art therapy session. The minimum time per home session is 2 hours.

Online: For online sessions, you can reserve the space where we will agree on a convenient time. A simple list of materials and resources to be used during the therapeutic-creative process will be requested. Sessions are given via the ZOOM platform.

Pricing and offers:

One session onsite or online (2 hours per session): 60 eur
10 face-to-face sessions (2hours per session): 450.00  eur + 1 evaluation session