ECUADOR GALLERY · Jornada completa 2008 – jun. 2013 · 5 años 6 mesesene.

    • I started this organization in Belgium with the goal to promote the knowledge of Ecuador and other Latin-American cultures in Europe and Develop acceptance for other cultures and traditions, through:
      – Art paintings exhibitions,
      – Art workshops
      – Small-sized cultural events
      – Personal development training and team Building:
      – Coaching training,
      – Creativity development Journey,
      – personal Talents awareness
      – Team Building Activities for Flemish schools, NGOs, clubs, and organizations
      – Custom trips to Ecuador ( jungle, Galapagos, Highlands, Coast)
      * Creative workshop execution using different different plastic art techniques such as oil pastels, crayons, aquarelle, watercolors, acrylic painting, oil painting, canvas, sculpture, textures, doughs, and ceramics.