Grupo Norma – Carvajal · Jornada completaGrupo Norma – Carvajal · Jornada completa
jul. 2015 – ago. 2017 · 2 años 2 meses
Quito – EcuadorQuito – Ecuador
• Representing Norma Art Products positively in a multitude of settings
• Assisting in content creation (writing letters, newsletters, product reviews, special offers)
• Training and workshops with channels and distributors,
• Design, development, planning and carried out Art Workshops for students,
• Design, development, planning and carried out Art training & workshops for teachers
• Participating in promotional events,
• Implementing art products go –to-market-strategies for specific markets
• Supporting Sales events,
• Generating brand awareness through word-of-mouth marketing
• Introduce new Art products of Norma, to the Ecuadorian market
• I promoted the brand with Digital Marketing Strategies
• I have developed sustainable and quality relationships with clients, directors of educational institutions, teachers, and others, transmitting credibility, trust, and positive emotions towards the brand: NORMA

  • Being an opinion leader at Educative Institutions and cultural centers where the NORMA Art products might be used
  • Implementing e-marketing campaigns
  • Creative Team Building for corporations