Kleurbekennen · AutónomoKleurbekennen · Autónomoene. 2009 – jul. 2013 · 4 años 7 mesesene. 2009 – jul. 2013 · 4 años 7 mesesBelgiumBelgium

    • Kleurbekennen is a program supported by the Flemish Government in Belgium, created with the goal to stimulate worldwide education at primary schools and high schools in Belgium.

      * I designed and develop educative and cultural workshops to promote Ecuador through: Art, dance, cooking workshops, and tourism presentations.
      * Workshops execution using different plastic art techniques such as oil pastels, crayons, aquarelle, watercolors, acrylic painting, oil painting, canvas, sculpture, textures, doughs, and ceramics.
      * All these activities were promoted by Kleurbekkenen and offered to the Education private and public sectors.